tokig i sallad

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Det bästa med att gilla sallad i vårt hushåll är att det bara är att gå ut och hämta.

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4 Responses to tokig i sallad

  1. Geranium says:

    Oh, those salad crops are perfect! I would give (almost) anything for a nice walk in the garden to pick up some salad leaves… it’s 70+ centimeters snow here in Southern Finland. No salad, no green, no gray, no brown, just white colour everywhere 🙂

    Well, I’ll just have to absorb some green power from this lovely photo and wait patiently for Scandinavian summer to come…

  2. Carola says:

    Thank you. The only problem with the garden is that we get spoiled in having everything so fresh 🙂

    I can imagine all the snow over there now, my kids would love that.

    Shouldn’t it be time to start some seedlings indoors soon? By the time the frost is gone they should be ready to be put outside.

    • Geranium says:

      You’re right, it’s time to sow seeds to fasten the process – I’ve already sown some violas, verbenas, tomatoes, chili and pepper. I have a small green room in the cellar, it’s already full of seed pots and there are still plenty different species to plant… So I have to put the rest in front of every window in the house 🙂

      I’m sure the kids would love the snow. If I send you some would you please send some warmth here? 😉

  3. Emmy says:

    Ser jättegott ut. Borde kanske testa att odla på min lilla balkong… Kram

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